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Our Process

Testing is a big part of our design process, but describing it as a stand-alone step is a bit of a misnomer.

Granted, the heaviest testing takes place late in development, but this is only true because most projects simply have more "moving parts" by then. Rigorous testing actually takes place at every stage of workflow.

The majority of tests ensure correct display and performance under a multiple browsers, operating systems, and hardware platforms — especially smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Also, if your web site visitors have the option of adjusting a feature on their browser (like accessibility or security settings), we want to be certain this does not "break" the layout of your site.

We also validate markup code, stylesheets, and JavaScript to make sure they are standards compliant. Forms and e-mail features are checked and re-checked. Textual content is proofed for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Stetch- and Shrink-Friendly

Alignment and proper layout of all visual elements is scrutinized. Our elastic layouts are designed to conform to any host platform, from large desktop computers to hand-helds, but we still troubleshoot for any quirks that might compromise pitch-perfect display wherever — and however — your web site is viewed.

As always, your in-progress web site is kept available to you for viewing. You can suggest additional changes or corrections throughout the testing period, all the way through to deployment.

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