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Our Process

Maintenance and support beyond delivery is part of the web site development process, albeit an optional one. However, support is unique in that it can be open-ended and ongoing.

Decisions about support depend entirely on the time and effort a given client is willing to invest in regular maintenance of their web site.

Amalgamated Binaries offers comprehensive webmastering (maintenance and upkeep) services. We are also happy to work with clients to ensure they have the requisite knowledge to maintain and update their own sites.

Many clients hire us as consultants to ensure a smooth transition during the hand-off period following deployment. Other clients turn to us for periodic spot work, especially for web sites that do not require regular (weekly or monthly) updates to content.

Who Goes There?

Customer support can include ongoing analysis of web site traffic, either as a stand alone service or as part of a webmastering contract.

Reports charting site traffic help clients track who is visiting their site, when traffic is heaviest, and where incoming visits originate. If you are looking to attract a specific audience, keeping tabs on your visitors is a must!

Don't Disappear Off the Radar

The major search services regularly modify their search and indexing algorithms. As a result, optimizations that got you high placements in last year's results might not be effective next year. Because of this, clients are encouraged to arrange periodic SEO tune-ups for their sites. This is a proactive way to stay well-positioned in search results over the long-haul.

If we develop your site, we can include an option for a monthly maintenance package in the contract. This option allows for a set number of hours we can use to update your web site; the flat-rate fee is all-inclusive for any type of work required, and is always less costly per hour than our standard rate.

Decisions about engaging our support services are up to the individual client.

For starters, you will need to ask yourself how comfortable you feel updating your own web site. Some "hands-on" clients prefer to retain full control and make their own site updates exclusively. Others prefer to delegate management of the site, usually because they have enough responsibilities of their own that require direct attention.

That's where the help of a web professional comes in, as they can take over site maintenance for you. One less job for you is a good thing!






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