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Our Process

An approved mockup represents a consensus on the appearance of your web site. This visual concept is then used as the model for a working prototype which, evolves into the fully-functioning web site.

Building a prototype involves writing page markup code (XHTML or HTML). The markup forms a page framework into which meaningful content — text, photographs, tables, graphics — is added, formatted, and positioned.

Your working prototype typically consists of a home page and at least one interior page, and serves as a template for all the pages to follow. As new pages are created, additional content is distributed among them. The relationships between pages evolve into hyperlinks, which become the site's navigational infrastructure.

Because your web site will need to be dynamic and adaptable (like your business), we will take time to discuss ongoing maintenance with you. A large part of our design effort goes into producing well-documented markup code, which simplifies upkeep.

Getting an In-Progress Preview

Your prototype web site is kept in a secure area on our web server throughout development.

You'll be given access to view the work in progress, which gives you the opportunity to observe and review our progress. This promotes communication, prevents surprises, and helps ensure the final result matches your expectations.

The end result is a working web site, brimming with content and just enough bells and whistles to make it captivating. However, although it looks the part, it's not yet ready for prime time.

One Web Site, Multiple Platforms

To be effective, online content must be engaging, but its underlying technology has to be rock-solid reliable.

It does you no good to have a web site that looks great on one browser but doesn't display correctly on another. Or a site that works only on desktop computers but fails when accessed from a smartphone or tablet. The trick, then, is to make sure the finished product conforms to proven standards, and is accessible to visitors regardless of their Internet connection, hardware, or operating system. We ensure this — the old fashioned way — through painstaking testing and re-testing.

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