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Our Process

Soon, your vision will coalesce into a project plan. This is where visions take shape.

During the planning phase, we lay out the aesthetics — the look and feel — of your design project. If it is a web site, we plot its structure and organization, and how best to navigate site content.

After reviewing your feedback, we create mockups showing the proposed look of your web site.

Mockups include content you've contributed — text, photographs, logos — as well as original content created in house. We may draw on proprietary colors, typefaces, or other elements from existing printed material (like your letterhead or business cards). Our goal is to produce pleasing visuals that closely match your vision.

Technical Talk

Planning always includes frank discussions about "tech" features that might be implemented in your project: interactive forms, e-commerce, multimedia, or custom scripting. Everyone wants content that is informative, interactive, and engaging. But, to be effective, that content must be streamlined, too. Toward that end, we'll present options and discuss available choices with you.

The mockup work may also be accompanied by flowcharts or similar diagrams, demonstrating planned navigation through your site.

Discussion and Feedback

Ongoing discussions and constructive feedback keeps both designer and client open to revisions and fine-tuning. This is an important part of the entire design process, but has the greatest impact on the project during mock-up work.

However, when you do green light a final design, we use it as the blueprint for a working prototype, which signals the transition from planning to creation.

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