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Deployment & Delivery

Once the project is ready, it's time to go "live" and release it to the public.

In the case of a web site, deployment consists of transferring the content you've been previewing, in its entirety, from our web server to yours.

Although each new site is rigorously tested throughout development, we continue to closely monitor its performance for thirty days following deployment. And we remain on call and ready to respond if any unforeseen issues arise.

Depending on the support and maintenance options you may have chosen, deployment sometimes marks the end of our direct involvement in your web site. At the very least, there is almost always a hand-off of responsibilities once the site goes live.

It is customary to discuss these responsibilities during the planning stage. First and foremost, decisions need to be made about who will be in charge of ongoing web site maintenance. For clients unable or unwilling to maintain their sites, we will suggest our webmastering services, at least in the short-run.

During project hand-off, we provide documentation to help you better understand the basics of site maintenance. These guidelines ensure you are comfortable about what might be required moving forward. They also help you make informed decisions about who to turn to for updates, modifications, or other service.

When "Done" Isn't Really Done

It's worth mentioning that successful deployment of a web site does not necessarily mean it's "finished".

Strictly speaking, no web site is ever really finished.

It's the nature of the Web that online content must be dynamic and must evolve. Ongoing updates to sites are an essential part of owning a piece of the Web. It's been said, correctly, that the worst thing that can happen to a web site is... nothing.

We believe the best way to lure repeat visitors to your site is to offer new content on a regular basis. Toward that end, Amalgamated Binaries will be happy to continue working together with you to keep your site fresh and new, and its underlying technical components up to date and running smoothly. Not surprisingly, post-deployment support can take many forms.

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