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User Interface (UI) design, and the User Experience (UX) are hot topic these days. Collectively, they encompass everyday interactions with many types of digital content — including kiosk-based applications, stand-alone programs, network landing pages, and more. You'll see examples of UI/UX on the Web, in bank ATMs, computer operating systems, even your car's navigation system.

The User Comes Last... and First

It's been said the best interface design runs backwards, starting with the user and ending with the client. We agree.

A good interface is a bridge between client and user. Like a bridge, it's a two-way street. Effective UI is shaped to meet the needs of the user and crafted to provide easy access to the client's message, product, or service. This is why the best UI begins with the user experience — specifically, the favorable outcome you, the client, is looking to generate.

At Amalgamated Binaries, interface design (from graphical or iconic elements to textual content) is purposed toward empowering your users to achieve that outcome.

A Good Interface Must Be Intuitive

If your users expect something, and get it, they become more comfortable. This increases the odds that their experience will be a positive one. There is nothing wrong with providing a pleasant surprise, but the higher priority is giving the user what they expect.

To do this, we research your target user's skills and experience. We take pains to discover existing interfaces with which they may already be familiar.

Users Appreciate Consistency

Consistent wording, navigation, layout style, and graphical elements enable end-users to more quickly grasp how things work and proceed confidently.

Lest we forget... even the most graphical UI still requires wordsmithing or copywriting. In fact, interfaces that use the fewest text characters actually place the highest priority on getting the text just right. Every Sentence, every word, every letter matters. Where text is concerned, we keep things conversational, providing clear and concise labels for actions and keeping our alerts, feedback, and other messaging simple.

By focusing on your users first, we create interfaces that let them achieve their goals. And, in doing so, you achieve yours.






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