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Web Site Enhancement

If you find yourself less than thrilled with your web site, chances are your visitors — and potential customers — probably do, too.

Today's top sites boast cutting-edge XHTML markup and head-turning features like fluid multi-column layouts, sophisticated formatting, and eye-catching graphics.

Maybe it's time your site was turning heads, too.

The solution might be as simple as a "fit and finish" web site makeover.

Amalgamated Binaries offers a variety of site enhancement services for just this purpose. You might be surprised at the difference a re-design can make, but it's a difference both you and your customers will appreciate!

Our Enhancement Services Include...

  • Web Site Overhaul & Re-Design
  • Graphics Upgrades
  • Wordsmithing and Content Consolidation ("Where Less is More")
  • Security Assessments and Spam Defense
  • Custom Scripting
  • Markup Conversions from HTML to XHTML

Quit Wasting Bandwidth!

If pages on your site take longer than a few seconds to load, visitors will lose interest — and you'll lose your opportunity to make a great first impression.

Our enhancement services specialize in tight, efficient digital design that guarantees snappy performance across all platforms, with any kind of connection. Add this to a dynamic, fluid layout, and your visitors will enjoy a great experience on smartphones, tablet devices, laptops, or desktops.

More Than a Pretty Face

Sometimes, what you don't see can be holding your web site back.

Many enhancements for improving site performance and cross-platform compatibility are implemented from the inside out, often without altering a site's outward appearance. This includes conversions of existing HTML markup to XHTML as well as structural layout refinement (i.e., implementing dynamic or fluid layouts, table-free and frame-free designs).

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