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search engine optimization (seo)

What good is the best-looking web site in the world, if no one ever finds it?

If visitors — potential customers — can't find you, the whole idea of a Web presence becomes pointless.

When people need to find something — anything — on the Web, they rely on the major search services like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. High positions in search results can make or break an online business, because that's how people will be searching for your product or service. You need to be listed, prominently, in those results.

Search engine optimization ("SEO") is the process of analyzing and modifying a site to increase its standing with search services. Our SEO services can make your site more "search-friendly", boost your ranking in search results, and drive traffic to your site.

Working Under the Hood

search engine optimization (seo) search engine optimization (seo) search engine optimization (seo) search engine optimization (seo)

Effective SEO involves everything from well-written content to title tags, metadata, and site structure. It requires fine-tuning all parts of your site, especially elements not generally visible to visitors.

Although it's easiest to build an optimized web site from scratch or through a major overhaul, this isn't always possible for established organizations with existing sites.

Then, the challenge is to apply internal optimizations that meet all the required specifications, and do so without altering the site's outward appearance. This type of optimization is our specialty.

Building a Better Roadmap to Web "Findability"

We provide consulting services for clients looking to better understand how "search engine visibility" works, and how it translates into improved site traffic. This is a proven way to turn web sites into more effective engines for branding, marketing, and revenue growth.

Regardless of the optimization service, Amalgamated Binaries will boost visitor traffic to your web site and improve its effectiveness as part of your overall marketing effort.

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