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Mission Statement

We believe even the most sophisticated idea is best communicated in a simple, direct way.

We take pride in delivering work that puts real meaning behind those high-sounding words. Work that is innovative and impactful. Work that is tight, crisp, and light on its feet.

Our reputation for "lean and mean" design is more than a catchphrase — although it's a very good catchphrase. It's our rallying cry against the bloated, over engineered content all too common on the Web.

When Bigger Is Not Better

Every year, innovation puts new, more sophisticated capabilities into the hands of content authors and IT professionals. For designers, this isn't always a good thing, because it fosters notions like "Bigger Is Better" and "More Is Never Enough". That sort of thinking often leads to the worst forms of online design...

  • Intrusive, self-important design that veers from its intended purpose
  • Overly decorative design that sacrifices functionality for trendy style
  • Bloated code that interferes with the user experience instead of enhancing it
  • Dense, media-heavy layouts that consume bandwidth and cripple responsiveness

How Many Crayons Do You Really Need?

mission statement mission statement mission statement

Grade school teaches a valuable lesson in restraint, and it's a lesson we've taken to heart...

Your box might have 64 crayons, but that doesn't mean you use all 64 each time you draw a picture.

That simple lesson is the cornerstone of our design philosophy: Keeping things clear and uncomplicated.

Granted, great design can't succeed unless the audience is engaged. Toward that end, there's nothing wrong with a few bells and whistles. But, remember, your message has no chance of engaging the audience if they are overwhelmed by the very medium that carries it.

And that's exactly what happens when design runs wild — when too many crayons are used.

Mind you, we don't believe in suppressing creativity. It's just that delivering an impactful, effective project sometimes means tapping the brakes now and then.

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